Historic homes and other buildings benefit from the Mills Act through potential property tax savings and long-term preservation

Historic Properties and the Mills Act

We’re here to help with your project, whether it is a historic designation report so you can take advantage of the Mills Act, an evaluation of historical significance under the California Environmental Quality Act, or a multiple property survey for potential historic district formation. Significance determinations are made per applicable local, state and federal criteria. DP&P is also experienced in historic rehabilitation project management.

The Mills Act is one of the best incentives for the preservation of historic properties in California. Many local jurisdictions have Mills Act programs in place, which allows homeowners and property owners to take advantage of the property tax savings that the Mills Act can offer. We are experienced in developing and administering Mills Act programs for local agencies, making presentations and providing training about the Mills Act, and advising property owners about the Mills Act and what it can do to help offset the cost of owning a historic structure.


An old red barn and stone wall in a rural setting represents property types that often require evaluation under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

CEQA & Consultations

DP&P has extensive experience in CEQA document review and coordination, preparation of initial studies, and particular expertise with cultural resource section preparation and supporting documentation. We can advise and assist with your tribal consultation requirements under Assembly Bill 52 and Senate Bill 18, or National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 interested party consultations and documentation.


Planning project meeting of diverse individuals in an office setting

Planning Services

DP&P has expertise in processing planning entitlement applications in Southern California, and can assist applicants and homeowners to navigate the complex planning process. We can also can provide extension of staff services to planning departments ranging from customer service, to managing complex development projects, conducting planning inspections, ensuring completion of mitigation monitoring and reporting programs, and permit plan check services for planning.